Making a Mono Print

So first you start with your image. You have a layer of dry ink that you work into with a wet paintbrush. The goal is to create a black, grey and white image by taking away the ink. When you are finished the image it looks like this

Then you need to line it up on a registration plate. The lines allow you to centre both your image and lay your paper over the image so that everything lines up.

Then you lay the paper over top. Being careful to make sure it is straight.

Then you lay some plastic over top of the whole deal. This helps keep the wet paper from sticking to the felt pads. And if you image happens to squish out the other end it stops it from staining the felt pads.

There are three felt pads that you lay over top of everything and then you roll you image under a heavy wheel that has been tightened to apply a great deal of pressure.

You only have to roll it through once. Then you take your plate off and have a peek.

However I was silly and did not take a picture of this particular image for some reason. I’ll take a picture tomorrow.  The other picture I was going to show you was too blurry so I will take some more pictures tomorrow.

Hope it all makes more sense now!

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