Sunrises and Owls

This mornings sunrise when I was picking up my printmaking buddy…

Today we learned 2 more printmaking techniques. Chine Colle and Water Soluble Monoprint. I forgot to take pictures of the Chine Colle so I will post those tomorrow or Sunday.

A water soluble monoprint (mono meaning 1) is when you roll a water soluble ink onto a non porous surface and then  let the ink dry. Then using a paint brush (and what ever other tools you want to use) you add water and start to wipe away the ink. The goal is to leave varying thickness of ink so that you create shades of grey by removing the ink. In the end you will be left with something that looks a bit like a watercolour painting but then you wet some paper, lay it overtop of the image and run it through the press and pull your print…I am so going to take picture tomorrow doing this because as a write this I realize that someone that has never been involved in a printmaking studio is not going to have the fuzziest idea what I am talking about.

So here is the deal. This is my ready to print monoprint owl.

Tomorrow I will photograph each step of the printing process and post them so you can see what the heck I have been going on about.

Today was an exhausting day and I am going to be a wimp and go to bed early!



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