So today was the first day of my four day printmaking workshop and we made something called a tin-foil collagraph. Basically you create an image using things that have a slight texture and layer them together. Like I said I was going to make my theme with owls. so this is the picture I started with and the simplified image that I drew out

Then i spent about an hour glueing sequins onto the outside of the owls head to represent feathers…I would like to add sequins into the area around the eyes. However they were sorta rushing us so i had to just do what I could.

So then you lay tinfoil and glue over it and run it through something called a press. It does just that. Applies pressure when you roll your image under the…roller ( I so don’t know the technical terms anymore)  and smooshes (see that is my extent of technical) everything flat. Then it looks like this

So then you have to ink it. basically you rub ink over the entire surface and careful wipe it off of the raised areas. The ink stays in the recesses and grooves. Then you run it through the press again with some paper and the ink transfers onto the paper. Then you get this

Now, while I like the image there are a few spots I would like to fix. I needed to add a few extra sequins under the beak because there is a large blank space completing with the beak. I also wish that I could add some extra sequins around the eyes. I used a crepe paper and the texture was too subtle. I might take the plate apart and fix things but I would be ticked off if something happened to it. i did print a picture in black ink that I like better but I forgot to take a picture of it.  Tomorrow I will take a picture and try to post it.

So tomorrow is about learning how to do chine colle (pronounce shin co-lay) which is adding thin pieces of paper when printing to add extra layers. I get to print 5 more copies of my owl so I am going to play with dictionary paper and some cool japanese paper I have.

Fun day but I am tired!

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