I decided my theme for the workshop I am attending is going to be owls. I like the idea of walking into the workshop with a theme and not having to decide what I am going to do…as my mother teases me, I do not like to go into anything unprepared.  She calls it control freak, I call it being prepared. To-may-toe/ Ta-ma-toe in the great scheme of things I think.

Anyway I thought I would share some of the images that i am taking with me. What I like about any animal picture is the sense of personality in the picture. If I suddenly feel the need to make up a voice for the picture and pretend what the animal is saying, I know it is the picture for me. Quirky yes but you should hear what I pretend my own animals are saying!

Love the personalities. Well off to my last work day of the week! Hopefully it goes smoothly (knocking on wood)



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