Snow Days and Cookies

For anyone anywhere else today would have been a snow day.

  1. 2 1/2 foot snow drifts,
  2. -27 without the windchill.
  3. -37 with the windchill.
  4. School buses cancelled

But not us hardy northerners. We shovelled out the car and get  on our way to work. I had barely any students but more than other classes. Most people love art class and skip their other classes to come to mine so I had students to entertain me through the day.

This is what it looked like outside my back door. This is after shovelling through the 2+ feet this morning. Not fun.

So of course we have near blizzard conditions today and this is the date that I decided my Shih Tzu needed a hair cut. I had to book the appointment a month ago so it was just Percy’s luck. He looks like a cutie though. And thankfully she listened to me and didn’t cut him like a girl this time. Usually she cuts him so he has floofy ears and I like him more clean cut. And of course he needed the hoodie ASAP because he is so little.

Cannot for the life of me get him to stand still though. The only good light is in the kitchen. I decided it would be cute to photograph them asking for cookies and he would not stand still. And then I tried with Emmie but she would not pay attention and kept laying down…not cooperative at all, I tell you!

And then when they don’t get the cookie they start going through each of the tricks they know. Sit down, speak, lay down sit pretty. And then when that doesn’t work they start mixing and matching. Sit and speak. Lay down speak. sit pretty, speak then lay down quickly. All the while ignoring any of the instructions I have been giving them. Shih Tzu’s!!!











Lucy was much more accommodating and it only took 2 tried and much less frustration to get a decent picture. And no barking at all.



So I am off to make Potato and Leek soup for dinner and do some painting. Have a great evening!



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