Best Things

One of the best things about being an Art Teacher is when you introduce a new project to them and the wheels start going and they are excited because you are excited about the project. Because we are at the start of the semester I like to start with creativity assignments.

This semesters creativity assignment is to take a theme (grade 12’s Human Figure, Grade 10 and 11 Shoes) and they only have three requirements. It has to incorporate the theme and that theme has to touch 3 sides of the paper, they have to use a certain amount of materials at least once and they have to productively use 3 hours of time to complete the work.

I tell them that I have no expectation as to what i expect to see but what i want to see is how creative they can be.  You can tell within one minute whether or not someone can draw but just because someone can draw really well does not mean that they can be creative. and that’s what i want to see…


They have until Friday to complete this work and then i will post some of the work that they made.

Have a great day!


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