What a week!

This has been a long week. Classes were ending so I had report cards to write and last minute things to get organized and done. Then I had to prep for the new semester. Good thing I usually know how I am going to start a class so it is not that big of a deal. The big deal this week was that I hurt my back. Badly and I don’t even know how. I was supervising and went back to my room, sat down and couldn’t get back up again and it has been going down hill since. Its sucks and it really, really hurts.

However on a good note I had to take my car in to have it checked out because there was transmission fluid leaking out the front passenger side. I was worried that it might not be covered under the warranty but thank goodness it was. They also found a coolant leak and repaired that also. Everything had been under a recall notice that I did not receive. I guess they only take care of it when it becomes a problem.

So today’s goal is to start painting the rug design. I had spent the last week putting on four coats of green paint as the base colour and I am going to paint the design in a turquoise blue. I will post progress pictures when I finish for the day. I’ll see how long I can paint for standing up. Might not be able to get a lot accomplished but I am going to try my darnedest.



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