So happy how my rug turned out!!! I started with this

And made it into this

I apologize for the crappy pictures but I was so excited to be done that I just snapped some pictures in the basement. I still have to put the sealant on it and that will probably take me a couple of days. Then I have to slowly introduce it into the kitchen so my 85 pound lab mix won’t decided that she needs to chew it to claim it as hers! I will post some pictures when I have the kitchen looking all prettied up and maybe put Lucy in the photo also!

Go see the original version at sarah.wandering


6 thoughts on “And DONE!

      1. Mine’s 5 and a bit and still a loon. She was slowing down for a while, but I think all the snow here is bringing out her inner craziness again. She’s a lab mix – so I don’t know if that has anything to do with it.

      2. My Lucy has a crazy food allergy that makes her act out really badly. Didn’t know it for the first 2 years so we are still working on some of her behavior “stuff”. We have a bunch of snow too so i am thankful that I taught her to walk on the treadmill. Takes some of that energy away.

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