Make It Mine Monday

I was inspired by this purse. however it was WAY out of my price range. Using a car payment to  buy a purse is not how my Momma raised me!

But is did get me thinking about an old coat that I had that was too big for me. It was an awesome shade of burnt orange and was just begging to be made into something. I went searching the we and found this free pattern at JCaroline Creative and thought that the Hobo pattern was the right fit for what I wanted.

As I was working I realized that I was not going to be able to figure out how to do the beautiful cording that is on the bag so I started to think about what else I could do that would be interesting and I got one of those flashes and remembered a something that I had seen on some blog, somewhere…I can’t truly remember and I wish i did so I could give credit where credit is due. It is similar to these pillows ( the green one) but the felt circles were sewn MUCH closer together and folded up to that they created a texture not just a pattern. The pillow I saw was in grey and I wish I could find it!

Anyway I started with my old coat that had already been cut up and separated into its individual pieces.

One of the fun things that I did was take the  pocket piece and turn it sideways and put it on the back of the purse so that I can use it to put my keys into! Then i started cutting out about 50 circles and sewing them down the middle of the circle in random directions all over the front of the purse. I love how it adds a little something extra to a simple purse.

I also used this fun fabric that I had leftover from another project. I just love the pop it adds to the inside of the purse.

The only thing I still have to do is add a snap to close it up but I am very proud of what I did this afternoon!

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