Goals. 2011

So it is that time of year when we start thinking about our goals and wishes and dream about what we want for our futures. My tendency is too lame out on the whole resolutions thing and make a resolution about something that I would have no difficulty in keeping. Such as ” I will not watch movies that feature a talking dog.”

But in the interest of becoming a little more transparent and accountable to my self I am actually going to set goals for myself this year. Some of them are things that I have wanted to start and have just been afraid and others are new things that I wanted to try.

1}Keep a blog and update it at least three times a week…Also a good excuse to get an IPhone sooner rather than later.

2}Continue on Couch to 10k and become the runner I want to be. Eat healthy and lose 60 pounds. I think that these two need to be intertwined goals. One cannot happen without the other.

3}Open an Etsy shop and sell 100 items.

In reality those are three BIG goals and although there are other things that I want to do I can always add them at a later date.

So off to figure out what is for dinner and knit and read a book.






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